You may have experienced a long drive with your friends, but usually, this all starts with countless trips during summer with the family. Some of us still have fresh memories of what had happened during those trips. Usually, we also remember the type of car we rode in, and that’s mostly because the car is a capable, satisfying vehicle.

There are a lot of things we want to get from cars that we’re using on long road trips. But here are quite a few cars that we can rely on to carry us safely.

Mazda MX-5 Miata
for two persons

Be warned: the Miata isn’t for a group of persons. The two-person configuration of this sports car doesn’t allow for a lot of room, so if you’re going somewhere there’s a lot of souvenirs like, you can’t bring home a lot of those. What the Miata lacks in room it gives back in engine power; the Miata is also surprisingly fuel efficient, something that’s strange for a sports car.

Toyota Camry Hybrid
for midsize families


A midsize sedan, the Camry delivers everything in fantastically vanilla flavor. It has a roomy interior although it isn’t flashy to boot. What you’re buying here is room for your family as well as a comfortable riding experience. If you’re looking to blow away people, however, you’d better look elsewhere; the Camry is for owners who value their simplicity.

Honda Accord
for flashy families

If you’re the opposite of Camry-loving people, however, the modern Honda Accord is your car. It’s got a very spacious and attractive interior. The engine is also efficient at 30 mpg, which has always been the character of Honda cars as well as its V6 engine. It’s got basic safety features, something people have come to expect with Honda cars.

Chrysler Pacifica
for large families

If you want your kids to be entertained the whole trip, you’d better get your hands on the Chrysler Pacifica. Its real value, however, lies in its high-safety ratings as well as its well-designed and roomy interior, similar to when you rent a Rolls Royce in London. An added bonus is its fuel economy. To say that you can compare to a car of the Honda family, like the Honda Odyssey, speaks volumes about your fuel efficiency.

Subaru Outback
for wagon lovers

Subaru has always offered different, attractive choices. This wagon is functional enough to appease even the most discerning buyers and is packed with features to satisfy even the most practical of buyers. Its four cylinders deliver effective 24 mpg performance. It also has a lot of room as well as a feel that can rival even fellow Subaru model Forester or the new RAV4.

Honda Fit
for fit families


The Honda Fit is another car with Honda-quality that keeps giving to people buying it. It has adequate storage space, perfect if you want to buy a lot of things; a lot of useable space for passengers; and one of the best fuel economy ratings, which isn’t surprising, considering the maker. If you want to save on storage, it can also give you that. It’s simply one of the best choices available in the market.