As much as people have different places where they came from and different beliefs, the states of America each have unique opinions when it comes to music. Music is universal, but choice is still defined by people listening to the music. Differences are what make music irresistible, though; it keeps things fresh and interesting to chase after.

If you’re traveling, you can hear for yourself the subtle differences between states, such as can be read here.

Good Ol’ Rock and Roll

Rock and roll has already taken a lot of different faces—from rock that you can dance to, rock in its current state is something that directs a person’s angst and turns it into a song. The cities that listen to it are characteristic as heck too—Los Angeles, Minneapolis, NYC and New Orleans have their definite signature on this music, but they have contributed a lot to it too.

The Country’s Most Beloved Music

What else do people love to listen to than country? Country music is something that evokes feelings of Americana and also gets people on the road. Where they go to, however, that’s purely their own decision. However, Florida, Nevada, and Texas come up as the destinations to go to—and the prime sources for this music.

EDM—Music of the future

If you wondered how music would sound like in the future, this might be the closest it would sound like. If you also thought that EDM would most probably do well in a place where parties happen, you’d be right too. The list of cities that listen to EDM? San Francisco. New York. Miami. Chicago. It’s not very surprising to see these cities on the list.

Rap and RnB

When you listen to rap, you think about the urban cities; you listen to it and you hear a different kind of angst, completely different from rock. It’s no surprise that the cities New York, LA, and Miami lists rap among their music to listen to, but—surprisingly—Minneapolis and Seattle also gets into the act of listening to the fast syllables and booming bass lines of rock.

Rock, Punk Style

Punk and metal shares a different kind of bond in that both of them are loud, in-your-face, and they make people jump—although in different ways. Punk, for its part, finds a home among the West Coast and the home of rock—Nashville—as well as Orlando and, in addition, Rochester. If you’re into metal, however, Seattle (grunge), New York, and Milwaukee are great places.

Alternative/Indie Musicality

It’s been a long time since the breakout of alternative music, but Seattle loves its own. It’s the best place to be if you’re looking for alternative music and the indie scene is alive in this town, but this isn’t the only place to search indie music in. There’s also Austin and Las Vegas, as long as the rest of the West Coast.

Music, to be clear, is truly universal or even international. However, with America being as large of a place as it is, it’s no surprise that there is a lot of music in it.