DecaRhythm is Dubstep and more.

Born out of a desire in 2009 to create a niche where the scene for dubstep can thrive, artists Bloodman, Headhunter, and Orphan 101 came up with DecaRhythm. It was an initiative called for by the need to create a place where mixtures of three different genres—Dubstep, Electronica, and Techno—can thrive and become their own distinct niche.

DecaRhythm is all about this and much more. Not only do they cater to the dubstep scene, they also cater to different music—the ones that you don’t hear on the radio every day or the ones that the music companies deem too ‘commercially unsound’, DecaRhythm answers the call of people looking for music that they can not only download—they answer the call of people looking for music to discover.

The Usual Suspects

Bloodman/ a DJ and Producer out of Bristol, he came from the 90s doing jungle/drum, bass and has never looked back since coming to discover dubstep five years ago. He counts house and techno music among his influences and his primary drive in creating DecaRhythm is to find more interesting musical niches to discover.

Headhunter/ a proven track record in the dubstep world is what he brings to the table. His sound has since created waves, getting better with each new discovery and each new dimension added, like a musical Frankenstein. His hybrid style is all thanks to musical discoveries found through DecaRhythm.

Orphan 101/ another Bristol-based DJ, he’s started producing music and has turned to making music himself. Orphan’s signature sound consists of two or four-step modes of rhythm. His reason for building DecaRhythm is to bring his and every other artist’s unique sound out into the open.