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If someone thought that Dubstep is ‘the music of the future,’ they may have thought poetic. Fat beats; Crisp bass; Fast times; all these characterizes the genre called dubstep. If you’re driving, you better get a car that’s easy to learn to drive or to master. Dubstep can make you step on the gas and forget about taking care or looking out for people crossing.

The beats and all have an origin, like any other music. Here’s what is known about the electronically-charged music called dubstep.

Drum and bass created it

Have you ever wondered why dubstep has all those fast beats and thick bass lines? It all came from the drum and bass multiplied up to at least 175 BPM. It’s a main characteristic of rave music and that’s what dubstep essentially is—the evolution of rave music. Breakbeats, heavy bass, as well as a few sub-bass lines make up the rest of the body.

It was created in UK

Just like the origins of fresh, initially made rock and indie music, dubstep was created in a garage. To be exact, it came from Croyden and was first sold by music outfit Big Apple Records. The first sub-genres sold were Jungle (DnB), Progressive House, and Techno. A collaboration between owner John Kennedy, Arthur (Artwork) and DJ Hatcha proved to be the catalyst for it.

The label

The term ‘dubstep’ actually got its roots from Reggae. In there, we have a sub-genre called dub music. It is a term that means to ‘have more bass and drum beats’ in the music. As such, when someone says ‘dub it,’ that means more bass and drums should be added. It also became its own genre; ‘bass and drum’ eventually paved the way for dubstep.

The step

Step refers to the tapping rhythm found in music. When someone tells you to ‘take it up to four’, they’re telling you to create a 4/4 signature for the music. In electronic music, this translates to the speed at which beats come; when you’re playing the drums, you’re usually the one who controls the time. That’s where the step in dubstep comes from.

It has remained underground for forever

If you’re wondering why there’s more dubstep in clubs and never more in the mainstream, it’s more because of the scene’s willingness to embrace the underground. The fast beats and double-time aren’t as commercially viable as songs with clear lines and timing. Skrillex had to collaborate with other artists to break into mainstream consciousness, but so far, it still remains a strong underground scene.

It is slowly emerging from its shell

While it has been underground for quite some time, the existence of fat beat, lyrical songs made by Skrillex with other artists is enough evidence that dubstep is poised to take off. More and more artists have come out with their own versions. Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Zedd are only a few of the said artists that have come out and created dubstep versions of their own.

Dubstep is yet another creation of the need of people to create and listen to great music. Music is universal, and continuously evolving. It’s only a matter of time before it undergoes another evolution yet again.

So you’re traveling down some lonely road in the American highway system and you’re with friends. Someone breaks out a song and you sing along with the others, but it lacks one thing—a song to sing to! You realize that you need a good car stereo; one that’s made with sure quality and one that would be a great help when listening to.

You need a new radio for your car. However, how do you decide which one to get? Here is a list of radios released for 2018 and their respective details.

Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS
Best overall features

Pioneer Electronics

It’s got quality, it’s got style, and it’s modern. Pioneer’s latest offering is directed towards people who stream or store their music via their phones or music players. That’s not all—the modern capabilities of this stereo make it accessible for people who store their music on music apps like Spotify and SiriusXM or other listening devices.

Pioneer DEH-X6900BT
Best budget-saver

Pioneer Electronics

Let’s say you’re planning a road trip but you don’t have the money to buy a radio at the moment. This Pioneer product has you covered. It doesn’t have the same features as higher-end models and modern-ready radios, but you can still use it to answer calls and listen to music streamed through your phone because of the Bluetooth capability.

Kenwood Excelon KDC-X701
Best upgrade

This could give Pioneer’s AVH-X5800BHS a run for its money. It was designed with techie motorists in mind. Another great feature is the USB input—it can receive your iPod or iPhone and play music through the car stereo. For the Internet radio fanatics, it says that iHeart radio and Pandora are its preferred supported media. There’s also a 13-band equalizer for those who want an extra ‘oomph’ to their bass.

Sony MEX-N5200BT
Best Bluetooth receiver

Sony Canada

You just can’t go wrong with Sony. This offering gives you an affordable Bluetooth-ready car stereo. If you still have those CDs from way back, you can play it through the built-in CD player. It also has a 4-channel amplifier plus a dedicated subwoofer slot that’s not a bad set-up at all; the music-lover in you will certainly go with this.

Best for budget-savers


Among the field of budget-savers, this radio will give you top value-for-money all day. It can take on two phones at one time as well as receive two music players with its twin-USB port. It can charge those phones, and that’s not all. FLAC files are also supported. There are a lot of other features but the best so far may be the 13-band equalizer with 3 levels of loudness to be controlled.

Alpine CDE-164BT
Best for classic chasers


The Alpine brand is a classic car radio brand that brings this top-of-the-line quality radio. It is built for today’s techie listener, what with a TuneIt app designed to work with the radio. It can connect to the Internet for Pandora and SiriusXM listeners as well as be compatible with iPhone and iPod. It can also blast out sound on par with today’s best car radios.

Traveling down that road can be lonely and the silence can be deafening without a car radio. With these brands, the long drive home or the lonely commute to work can become lively, if not a whole lot better.

There’s just nothing like a great road trip with friends to lift up your spirits. It’s healthy to be on the road with a song once in a while; it gives perspective and a time to think about things and why you’re doing them. Aside from that, it’s also a chance to kick back and relax, think about nothing else but the open road and getting to your destination.

What’s a fun way to get to your destination? There’s nothing like taking the open road with a song on your side. Here’s something to keep you company on the road trip.

Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen


For all its anthemic sound, Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run’ is anything but a romantic song. Just hearing the lyrics makes you think about teenage angst and everything wrong about early rebellion. Instead, however, you are taken to a place where you can be free, run away from your problems, and just go on the open road.

Little Red Corvette – Prince


With his sexy voice, Prince can command a whole throng of women to follow what he wants. Every song that he writes, the cars are his women; the miles are how long he can last. It’s got that certain kind of sexiness that’s the signature of Prince’s songs, even if it’s about a car moving down the road.

Here I Go Again – Whitesnake


The haunting beginning of the video for Whitesnake’s ‘Here I Go Again’ tells of the story behind this song. Dumped by the girl of your dreams? Coming from a terribly bad breakup? The road is your friend, and that’s where you need to go. It gradually descends into the meatier parts where you declare your independence.

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” is a song that shouldn’t be missing on your playlist if you plan to go on a long drive. Aside from the fact that it’s a song about the long drive home, it’s also one of the best songs to rock on to during a travel to your favorite hometown.

Hotel California – Eagles

The Mancunion

No one knows what was going on when the Eagles came together and created this song. However, it’s a great song to play on the long drive home, or on the open road. Imagine driving along a long highway and the guitar solo comes on—it’s hard to resist breaking out your air guitar.

Dream On – Aerosmith


To be fair, there are a lot of Aerosmith songs that would be great to rock along to on a long drive. However, “Dream On” gets set apart from the rest because of its powerful vocals. When you’ve got nothing else to do, who wouldn’t get the urge to whip out their inner Steven Tyler when they’re driving on the highway?

That’s the rest of the field, but there are still a lot of songs that you can rock to on the road. These are just guidelines; the choice of the song still falls on you, of course.

You may have experienced a long drive with your friends, but usually, this all starts with countless trips during summer with the family. Some of us still have fresh memories of what had happened during those trips. Usually, we also remember the type of car we rode in, and that’s mostly because the car is a capable, satisfying vehicle.

There are a lot of things we want to get from cars that we’re using on long road trips. But here are quite a few cars that we can rely on to carry us safely.

Mazda MX-5 Miata
for two persons

Be warned: the Miata isn’t for a group of persons. The two-person configuration of this sports car doesn’t allow for a lot of room, so if you’re going somewhere there’s a lot of souvenirs like, you can’t bring home a lot of those. What the Miata lacks in room it gives back in engine power; the Miata is also surprisingly fuel efficient, something that’s strange for a sports car.

Toyota Camry Hybrid
for midsize families


A midsize sedan, the Camry delivers everything in fantastically vanilla flavor. It has a roomy interior although it isn’t flashy to boot. What you’re buying here is room for your family as well as a comfortable riding experience. If you’re looking to blow away people, however, you’d better look elsewhere; the Camry is for owners who value their simplicity.

Honda Accord
for flashy families

If you’re the opposite of Camry-loving people, however, the modern Honda Accord is your car. It’s got a very spacious and attractive interior. The engine is also efficient at 30 mpg, which has always been the character of Honda cars as well as its V6 engine. It’s got basic safety features, something people have come to expect with Honda cars.

Chrysler Pacifica
for large families

If you want your kids to be entertained the whole trip, you’d better get your hands on the Chrysler Pacifica. Its real value, however, lies in its high-safety ratings as well as its well-designed and roomy interior, similar to when you rent a Rolls Royce in London. An added bonus is its fuel economy. To say that you can compare to a car of the Honda family, like the Honda Odyssey, speaks volumes about your fuel efficiency.

Subaru Outback
for wagon lovers

Subaru has always offered different, attractive choices. This wagon is functional enough to appease even the most discerning buyers and is packed with features to satisfy even the most practical of buyers. Its four cylinders deliver effective 24 mpg performance. It also has a lot of room as well as a feel that can rival even fellow Subaru model Forester or the new RAV4.

Honda Fit
for fit families


The Honda Fit is another car with Honda-quality that keeps giving to people buying it. It has adequate storage space, perfect if you want to buy a lot of things; a lot of useable space for passengers; and one of the best fuel economy ratings, which isn’t surprising, considering the maker. If you want to save on storage, it can also give you that. It’s simply one of the best choices available in the market.

The road can get pretty sad at times, most especially when you find yourself staring at an endless expanse of road. To some people, however, the road is where they can recollect their thoughts. It is where they feel free, and where they sometimes create the best ideas they could think of. It’s why some musicians prefer life on the road than a stationary one.

Travelers, however, find music on the road a welcome companion. Here are a few tracks that are good company when you’re on a trip.

Carolina in My Mind – James Taylor
about a Place


When this song’s blasting on the speakers, who doesn’t want to remember the sun or the things you love in that state? Carolina’s on the Southern part of the country and ‘Carolina in My Mind’ evokes perfect memories of the place. It’s great if you’re coming home from a long time away.

Africa – Toto
about a Place

To forget this song would be a crime. Toto’s ‘Africa’ is a classic song whose lines remind people of the so-called Cradle of Civilization and its many wonders. It’s also a great song to listen to on the long drive home or even the short ones, when you’re coming home from work.

Proud Mary – CCR
about Ways of Travel

Whatever version you listen, this song will always give you the feeling of going out on a long drive, traveling toward some destination still unknown to you. It’s a song about traveling on a steam boat, driven by those ‘big wheels’, but CCR’s version also makes you feel like you’re trucking.

Radical Face – Wandering
About Traveling


Radical Face’s ‘Wandering’ isn’t a happy song. It’s a song about how you shouldn’t be content where you are right now; if you think you’re successful, you should find ways to create success down the road. It’s a sad thing to always keep aiming high, but it also depends on how you look at discontent.

One Day, Baby, We’ll Be Old – Asaf Avidan
about settling down

Runs with lipstick

It’s got a catchy beat and when you watch the videos of this song, you’ll be thinking of the good life—late nights, travel, and wherever you go is home as long as you’re with people who mean a lot to you. But somehow, the song reminds you that you can only travel for so long—one day you’ll settle down.

Summercat – Billie the Vision and the Dancers
about going away

Open Spotify

The strings and the tempo of the song are great to listen to, especially when you’re at the beach, on a boat, or on a vacation. But the lyrics betray longing. The scenes will also make you pine for a lot of things if you’re far away, like the good life, great friends, and just generally enjoying your time.

Best Day of My Life – American Authors
About a leisurely drive

If ever there was a song you should listen to on a Sunday drive to the beach with friends or loved ones, this was it. It’s catchy, it’s vibrant, and it talks about how a day in your life is so great, you don’t want it to end. The only bad takeaway of this song is what if it ends? For now, though, you shouldn’t worry about that.

With all that these songs have to offer, it makes you think you want to just go down the road and drive. Why not do just that?

As much as people have different places where they came from and different beliefs, the states of America each have unique opinions when it comes to music. Music is universal, but choice is still defined by people listening to the music. Differences are what make music irresistible, though; it keeps things fresh and interesting to chase after.

If you’re traveling, you can hear for yourself the subtle differences between states, such as can be read here.

Good Ol’ Rock and Roll

Rock and roll has already taken a lot of different faces—from rock that you can dance to, rock in its current state is something that directs a person’s angst and turns it into a song. The cities that listen to it are characteristic as heck too—Los Angeles, Minneapolis, NYC and New Orleans have their definite signature on this music, but they have contributed a lot to it too.

The Country’s Most Beloved Music

What else do people love to listen to than country? Country music is something that evokes feelings of Americana and also gets people on the road. Where they go to, however, that’s purely their own decision. However, Florida, Nevada, and Texas come up as the destinations to go to—and the prime sources for this music.

EDM—Music of the future

If you wondered how music would sound like in the future, this might be the closest it would sound like. If you also thought that EDM would most probably do well in a place where parties happen, you’d be right too. The list of cities that listen to EDM? San Francisco. New York. Miami. Chicago. It’s not very surprising to see these cities on the list.

Rap and RnB

When you listen to rap, you think about the urban cities; you listen to it and you hear a different kind of angst, completely different from rock. It’s no surprise that the cities New York, LA, and Miami lists rap among their music to listen to, but—surprisingly—Minneapolis and Seattle also gets into the act of listening to the fast syllables and booming bass lines of rock.

Rock, Punk Style

Punk and metal shares a different kind of bond in that both of them are loud, in-your-face, and they make people jump—although in different ways. Punk, for its part, finds a home among the West Coast and the home of rock—Nashville—as well as Orlando and, in addition, Rochester. If you’re into metal, however, Seattle (grunge), New York, and Milwaukee are great places.

Alternative/Indie Musicality

It’s been a long time since the breakout of alternative music, but Seattle loves its own. It’s the best place to be if you’re looking for alternative music and the indie scene is alive in this town, but this isn’t the only place to search indie music in. There’s also Austin and Las Vegas, as long as the rest of the West Coast.

Music, to be clear, is truly universal or even international. However, with America being as large of a place as it is, it’s no surprise that there is a lot of music in it.